World Class Halflinger Horses

Breeding Program

Our Breeding Program

At Willow Brook Farms we are determined to maintain the integrity of the Haflinger breed, in keeping with the rules of the World Haflinger Federation and American Haflinger Registry.  We carefully select and match the most superb stallions and mares, seeking year by year to "raise the bar" and populate America with Haflinger horses which are spirited yet calm.... sturdy yet refined.... independent of mind yet willing to do his or her rider's bidding.

Bringing Up Baby

Baby Haflinger JumpingFoals born and bred at Willow Brook Farms are handled by caring humans from the moment of birth, and come to view their handlers as adoptive (if not actual) parents. Within hours after birth, the new foals are put on pasture with their dams ... learning how to run and play and, in general, make their mothers' lives miserable. They are handled daily by their human parents, learning to wear a halter, walk politely on a lead rope and obey some basic commands in their first week or two of life. This enforces the naturally gentle Haflinger disposition, and makes the animals safer to be around than one might normally expect from a species which is, from birth, so powerful.

To the disappointment of many who are interested, only a small number of Willow Brook Haflingers are available for purchase in any given year ... and the price could be somewhat higher than one might pay for a horse which is less rare. People who are sincerely interested and who can provide a good home are certainly invited to inquire, with the understanding that there might be a bit of a wait before a registered Willow Brook Haflinger can be delivered.

There are other Haflinger sources which we consider to be quite reputable and which may have more horses available for sale than Willow Brook Farms. We will be happy to put you in touch with these sources... and, more important, to help you avoid any sources which might be less than reputable.

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